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     Updated March 3rd 2016


When you Look in the dictionary for the word untiqued, there is no such word. When you search the Internet, you will only find One meaning of the word. Untiqued: to create a new piece of home decor from reclaimed antique barn board material. A new antique, "To preserve"  UNTIQUED. Think Green!
We have a nice variety of reclaimed barn board wood and beams  and other treasures for your projects. We are conveniently located in Oro-Medonte just North of Barrie, Ontario.

Canadian  Facts

Canadians generate approximately 31 million tonnes of garbage a year and only recycle about 30 per cent of that material.

This means that each person generates approximately 2.7 kg of garbage each day.

The sheer volume of waste means that many existing landfill sites are approaching capacity, and few people want new sites built near their communities.

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Much of the wood is decades old and has come from old growth forests and have a tighter grain pattern. As a result this wood has unique character that is truly fascinating that new wood just can't provide.  Antique recycled wood is perfect for timber frame projects, trusses, antique wood flooring, furniture construction, mill work, moulding's and any other projects that need history rich wood. This old wood is prized for its character, beauty and its dry, stable dense nature.


reclaimed barn board wood beams barrie ontario

All of our material is reclaimed barn board, reclaimed hardwood, reclaimed hewed beams, and any other materials that would otherwise be used as landfill or left to rot. We acquire our reclaimed wood supply from a wide range of sources in Simcoe County and Grey County, but the largest percentage comes from buildings that are no longer being used to their potential.  It's my privilege to find the Green trends that can be incorporated in homes across the world while learning about the effects that dumping useable material has on our planet, and our communities.  As eco-friendly products sweep over the market and knowing how they will improve the days ahead, Untiqued is dedicated to being part of the solution. I am committed to raising awareness, and find alternative new solutions to the amount of waste that occurs every day.

Diversion Program Makes Sense

reclaimed barn board wood beams barrie ontario

An average home of about 2,000 square feet sends about 10,000 cubic feet of debris to a landfill when its demolished. Deconstruction can divert from 60 to over 80 percent of that debris



Reclaimed antique wood from century old barns and houses is some of the most beautiful wood in the world.

Dedicated to reclaiming wood from century old barns and houses that are destined for landfill sites, or left to rot.

Perfectly imperfect

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from the landfill. That is significant savings for the environment. Deconstruction techniques benefit in other ways, especially when the cost for demolition waste disposal is $114 per ton, as it is now. By diverting this material, and reusing, It will not only impact the environment, It will reduce the sale of Non-eco friendly products that are mass produced and readily available.  And save new trees from being cut to produce new product.

   EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE !   I am looking at a new location to move my business. This process will take some time to reduce my current stock, every day I am pulling out new piles of very rustic imperfect lumber that I didnt even know was there. Everything is different here, there are no piles of perfect grey pine, All of it is mixed and very rustic.  I will change my address once I have relocated. Derrick Hicks…Artist/Owner 705-715-6758


               reclaimed barn board wood lumber beams barrie ontario